Business Process Modeling

Operations are the heart, soul, nerves, and sinews of modern businesses. They are the key to outrageous profitability and financial market value.
Just ask Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

We need to revisit our processes regularly and analyze that collection of business flows that will make a substantial difference. Advantages of this approach are as follows

  • Better Customer Experience.
  • Better resource utilization.
  • Better Productivity.
  • Removal of bottlenecks.
  • Makes the process cost-effective.

But, what do you need to accomplish this? Digital Transformation points the way. It is a step by step process.

In the first step, we will identify where the business is struggling. We will collect relevant data and analyze the reason for the root cause.

Dream Team
The insight step will frame a constructed plan which leads to setting up the cross-functional team. This team will have the responsibility of implementation of next steps and producing the desired results.

Explicit Blueprint
In this step, we will build a standard structure. Process documentation standards and facilitation skills will be the focus of this essential step. The Key success of this step is to establish the blueprint and standard so that you don’t miss any activity which could cause a significant impact if not done correctly.

Aligned Process
This one is the crucial step where you create the most value in identifying waste in your process. Once you have identified a process to be simplified, map it out and document every detail, action, and decision. It is the most significant phase and, once this is complete, we can move to the final step.

Lean Audit
The final step is to audit the process that we have identified to ensure that this is the most simplified process. If not satisfied with the current model, we will need to repeat the steps till we identify the most suitable process for our operations.

An Ongoing Process
Once it is applied, you can think about the next area of concern. Businesses working on one process after another help in making sure it is running smoothly and soon you will find out that you have more time, energy, and room for cost-saving and profit.